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Simple Sudoku Solving Guide: Introduction

There are many algorithms available for a computer programmer to solve a Sudoku.

Just google it some time and I’m sure you will find an abundance of resources.

Some algorithms take a very long time to solve a Sudoku and others will have an answer within milliseconds. It all depends on the approach.

The same can be said about people who solve Sudokus. Some people can solve a Sudoku very quickly while others find it hard to even solve the lowest grade Sudoku available. It’s all about insight and pattern spotting.

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WordKnitting: Moving PHP from Drupal to WordPress

After having played around with Drupal for a year or so I decided that not only do I like simple (wat simpel!) I also wanted to start to blog. In came WordPress – THE expert (or so I was told) in blogging.

My old site in Drupal had a few neat features that I really wanted to take along to WordPress.

And what better way to blog than to share the experience of moving one of these features, Word Knitting, from Drupal to WordPress.

In Drupal I had made a module which I could include as a page and link to it. The interface was based on Drupal hooks and the code was written in PHP. As I read that WordPress also supports PHP I was all ready for a simple conversion.

Well, to be honest it was not simple! Having installed WordPress and created a Welcome blog I then had to discover how on earth a form running PHP code could be deployed to my WordPress environment.

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